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Hey there! My name is Claire Muck, My life has been anything but normal up until this point and I guess that is why I do what I do. Here is a little bit about myself. 

Starting off with the boring stuff; childhood, we moved around a lot, I lived in Kansas, Moved to Fremont where I spent almost all of my elementary school days until I moved to Mead Nebraska where I graduated from. I went to Grace Bible College to be a youth pastor and also was majoring in Radio … then they dropped the program and I received my associates degree in mass communication media from Southeast community college in Beatrice. 

As a small child I have so many memories of seeing ghosts and spirits in my house and in the houses of family members and if I ever stayed over with friends … Well lets just say my parents were used to picking me up at 2am because I hit a wall and couldn’t sleep and was too scared to stay any longer.

When I was 4 years old and living in Kansas with my family I asked my mother why I didn’t like the twins next door. I didn’t understand why they made me feel a certain type of way and I needed to make sense of it. My mom then sat me down and told me that I was a twinless twin. Meaning, I was born with my twin Sarah Jane and she lived for 5 hours and died on the day we were born because she didn’t have all of her organs. From that moment on I started talking to her and praying to her. Right before kindergarten we moved to Fremont less than a block away from the cemetery where she was buried and I would spend a lot of time there talking to her and pondering what life would have been with a twin. 

This house in Fremont is where I started seeing the majority of my ghosts. When I turned 10-11 years old my parents told me to “knock it off” and to stop having “imaginary friends” so I started to block them all out. This was also around the time I was molested so I was already repressing  emotions and was some sort of an expert at it ha! 

Teen years were rough in a small town, I stuck out like a sore thumb in a town full of Jesus loving hicks. I had decided that I enjoyed the black sheep mentality and embraced my gothic/ emo style and I never really grew out of that … see mom … it wasn’t a phase hahah!  I started to hang out with the wrong crowd and my parents literally grounded me for an entire year ( this was before cell phones and the internet was cool) So at the age of 16 I embraced the church because I had no other choice for social interaction. That kicked off my moldable mind to want to be a youth pastor because my youth pastor at the time literally saved my life. He shared music with me and festivals and concerts. I still thank the universe for him and his wife often. Dane and Julia you are the best! 

The summer going into my senior year my step grandpa had passed away. That night before I had a dream that Jesus came and took his soul into my grandma’s room and kissed her goodbye and told her that he would see her later. Me not understanding that dream. I immediately called my grandma when I woke up in the morning and she was crying because she had just found him dead in his hospice bed in the living room because he passed in his sleep. Fast forward to the next incident like this when I was in my first year of college I was teaching at this youth group for inner city kids in Omaha and I had a dream that Jesus took of my kids and I was woken up to a phone call telling me to get the church immediately because he had been stabbed by homeless man downtown and had died and I needed to be there for the kids. This was when I realized something was weird about me. When I switched schools from Grace to SCC I started having so many crazy dreams and became obsessed with figuring them all out. 

Summer of 2010 my good friend from Chicago was staying with me and life was so stressful because our very good friend was having a hard time. I Fell asleep one night and had a dream that I tweeted that the world would be a better place without my friend that was having a hard time and i woke up to so many voicemails and texts from him telling me he loved me and then a call from his Dad telling me to rush to the hospital because he was in a coma. This was the moment my entire life changed. After he passed away I learned about Reiki and he started showing up in clairvoyant visions and I was not able to shut it off. 

I found my first Reiki teacher Racheal Mueller in Fremont and soon after became certified in Reiki I and II. I had moved to Fremont because my grandma had surgeries and needed help and I needed help because I had just lost my best friend. She was also losing her brother and we were going to see him almost every other week in Minnesota and I was giving him reiki though his hospice time. Now my grandma is a giant source of comfort for me in my life, I feel like is one of the only people in the world that gets me and we went through a big grief process together which led me to learn how to be a reiki master. 

Next on my journey I moved to Lincoln and learned to be a master from my teacher Sue Thornton. Once attuned to level 3 master reiki I was unable to turn off spirits. This started a good 3 year journey of struggle till I met my mentor and she told me that I needed to have office hours with them and energy and then I got my life back. I worked out of the Lincoln Zen center alongside the shaman Michael Melchizedek for I believe for almost 4 years. Then I moved my business to 120th and center in Omaha to start to be on my own for a year then I got the Ralston studio and I spent 4 years there. 

Now I am working out of my bright pink shed in Prague Nebraska, Where I live with my amazing Husband ( Yeah someone Married me!!!)   I will always and forever be changing. The pandemic has brought me to my love of coaching and I am now applying that to my services and am loving every minute of it. I am enjoying using spiritual coaching to help better people in their grief process. If you are ready to put in some work to better your life …. I’m your gal!  I absolutely Love helping people and utilizing my gifts at the same time! Thanks for reading this novel and hope it sparked something in you!

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