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Helping with all your witchy needs


Tarot Reading

I intuitively pick what deck and the cards that will be used. The first card that is picked for each row will always be from a traditional tarot deck and the rest will be from oracle or animal cards. Utilizing the cards helps me and you gain perspective that we both were not able to get to. It helps if you have a direct question to be answered or what direction to be taking.

Halloween Cat


I connect with your past away loved ones in a number of ways. I connect using all of the "Clairs"  claircognition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. I can see, taste, smell, hear and just feel everything. I can ask your loved ones any questions you may have as well as they give me many messages to let you know they are still around. 

House Cleanse

A house cleanse is if you are moving into a new home, have disturbances happening or just need a good cleanse of energy. I will be giving reiki to the whole house. I will be sealing it with protection and cleansing any negative energy using essential oils. I will also be using sage smoke to completely cleanse the home and to get out any negative or unwanted energy in the home. I will let you know all of my findings and communicate with any spirits in the home. I may utilize crystals and black salt on the property if I feel needed too. 

Vintage Dolls

"The Works" Package

This is all of what I can do in one session. I start off by doing your birth charts and then give you reiki and clean out all your chakras. I let you know what I am seeing in your chakras and how you can continue to clean them. I give you a crystal readings, medium reading and tarot reading as well. This session is required if you would like to do any sort of coaching or subscription sessions with me so I get a complete look at how I can help you. 


I can come to your home or venue of choice and be the entertainment for the night. Feel free to invite your friends over for some food and drinks and I will be giving you messages and answering questions from your past loved ones for my medium parties. The tarot party I like to keep small and intimate because you will each be getting a one on one reading and diving into any questions you have. Contact me with any questions you may have about these services, they are my favorite thing I offer and I will work with you to make sure it's a great time! I LOVE to travel so let me know if you have any questions. 

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